where the sea meets the land


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There are 3 stages to shifting:

Beginning the process to become a mermaid/merman is long and hard and requires complete dedication and heart. if you really want this you feel it inside of you,you feel it in your soul.once you complete the transformation there is no going back....There is no easy way in doing this process but once its completed it will be the best adventure of your life. But before beginning answer a few questions to be sure this is what you want..

1. are you ready to change your mind body and soul?

2. is a mermaid/merman the only thing you would like to be (other kin such as wolves or fairies)

3.do you love the sea and all its creatures?

4. do you want to protect the sea?

5.would you be careful with your secret?

6.would you do anything to reach this goal?

if you answered yes to all these questions then you're pretty brave....so.....start scrolling

1. F-shift (fantasy shift)
2.m-shift (mental shift)
3. p-shift (physical shift)


there are 3 steps to this stage 

1. Research!!!
This step is very VERY important.You must research before you can even think about m and p shifting. If you do complete shifting and dont know your own anatomy then it wont work out very well, remember dead mermaids dont swim well in the sea. so to begin research look at the following questions:

1. how will your mermaid self act? what species are you closest to? this is important if you plan on living in the sea.

2. other than a tail what other characteristics will your mermaid self have?

3.do you know about mermaid anatomy?

4.will you be living in salt or freshwater?

5.how will you urinate? (hehe)

this is the fun part. here you will create your mermaid look!
more info on this step coming soon!!!