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 you must choose your mermaid type before you can move on if you live in florida near

 a beach be tropical mermaid if you live in michigan  Add up how many of each letter you get! 

1. Where do you currently live? 

a, b, d) On/near the beach by at least an hour. 

c) Near a lake/river. 

e) In a really cold area. (I.e Norway, Alaska, Antartica, Canada)  

2. What's the climate like where you live? 

a) Very warm! We only have nice weather here! 

b, d, c) Moderate/normal temperatures that fluctuate with the seasons. 

e) It's so cold here! (i.e Norway, Alaska, Canada...) 

3. What color tail do you want? 

a) Something bright and shiny. Maybe different colors at once, mottled like koi! 

b) A singular color, a blue or a green. 

c) Dark muted colors. A dark gold, green, or brown would do. 

d) Any shade of green! 

e) Something dark blue, grey, or silver no scales. 

4. Which is a sea animal that you would love to bond with?

a, b) Dolphins and sea lions!

c, d) I'd like to bond with any of the fish. 

e) Orcas and seals <3 

5. What would your ideal mermaid diet be like? 

a) Lots of fresh fruit, seagreens, crustaceans and small fish. 

b, c, d ) Any fish really, I love seafood! 

e) Cod, herring, halibut, things local to where I live, up north. 

6. What kind of fluke do you want? 

a) A clear, slim fluke with lots of length and frills, I want it to be pretty! 

b) A large strong fluke for swimming long distances. 

c) A medium sized fluke as the same color and opaqueness as my tail. 

d) A slim streamline fluke like a shark so I can weave in and out of things quickly. 

e) A very large and thick fluke for swimming long distances and withstanding the cold. 

7. Do you do well in cold waters? 


b) I can stand moderately cold temperatures. 

c) I can stand them. 

d) Not really. But if it got chilly I wouldn't cry about it...

e) Yep! I even love swimming in cold water! 

8. Which appeals most to you?

a) A warm sandy beach near a cove. 

b) A boat on the open water, just the sea and me. 

c) The balance between land and sea. A lake surrounded by forest. 

d) Cute sea lions swimming through a lush kelp forest!

e) The icy blue waters of the sea, crashing against an orca's tail. 

9. Are you afraid of great depths? 

a) Oh dear yes, please put me near shallow water!!! 

b) No, I wish I could dive as deep as a whale! 

c) Not really, maybe I would only go 60 feet.... 

d) Not so deep where plants couldn't grow!!! 

e) I don't mind it as long as no one can see me. 

10. Which mermaids appeal most to you? 

a) The H2O mermaids, swimming in the reefs of Mako, collecting shells. 

b) Aquamarine, always traveling, exploring the vast ocean. 

c) They mysterious Lake Mermaid, popping up to grant wishes. 

d) Ariel, darting in between giant forests of kelp with her friend Flounder, playing hide and seek. 

e) A selchie, playing along with the seals on a bluff. 



You are a Tropical Mermaid! You love warm shallow waters, and communicating with the beautiful sea life. You are very bubbly and love shiny things! Just don't swim too deep, or beware of sharks! 

MOSTLY B'S: You are an Open Water or Deep Sea Mermaid! You love the mystery of the ocean, and are not afraid of it's vastness. You get along with all sea life, including sharks and whales! 

MOSTLY C'S: You are a Freshwater Mermaid! You either live near a lake, or love them, either way, you reside in the haven surrounded by all kinds of nature, land and sea. You might even be brave enough to swim a river? 

MOSTLY D'S: You are a Kelp Forest Mermaid! You want to play with the sea lions all day long in a maze of beautiful kelp. You eat a diet of mostly seagreens, and are a master of disguise. 

MOSTLY E'S: You are an Arctic Mermaid! Most likely you live in a cold area, or love the cold water! You dream of playing with the seals and hunting alongside the Orcas in your beautiful icy world. 

Now that you have your mermaid type, whether you use the quiz or not to find it, below is in depth information on all mermaid types! 

mermaid type information coming soon


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